Hi! I'm Emily Grover! 

I'm a Marketing & Branding specalist and a mumma of 2 kids - Harry (3) and Arabella (1). 

Until recently I have been working in the corporate world but decided to take that leap of faith and invest myself full time into my businesses! 

What other mum out there is constantly struggling with the balance between having a career and being a mum? Has anyone else faced the constant challenges of juggling the two hats and trying to find a corporate workplace that will be flexible with the needs of your kids? 

I feel you sista!

That constant stuggle is what motiavted me to find my passions and turn them into businesses! I've always been an extremely creative individual and in mid 2020 thanks to COVID, found the time to look at ways to put my creativity to good use, and hello Emily Grover Designs!

As well as personalising products, I am also a bit of a guru when it comes to Marketing, Branding & Social Media Management. I have degrees in Marketing, Business & HR which afford me quite an indepth knowledge and skill set! 

I'm also extremely tech savvy and well versed with Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and most other Adobe products.

As well as my physical products that I have on offer, I also do graphics & web design and consultations with small businesses on how to better improve their overall branding and engagement on social media to maximise their exposure and overall sales. 

Are you wanting to re-vamp your business?

Need a new logo?

Thinking about getting a website?

Need help with instagram and Facebook?

Send me a message and we can discuss your needs and tailor a package for you!

You might have noticed that I mentioned businesses (plural) earlier!

Well as well as my design business, I am also a Photographer and Cake Maker/Decorator! 

(I don't sleep much!)

If you're curious to check out the other sides of me, my sites are below!

Emily Grover Photography




Sweet Made Creations